The Hakomi Global Summit 2015

Hosted By Manuela Mischke-Reeds, MA, MFT

Audio Recordings

These interviews were part of the Hakomi Global Summit a free online event featuring 15+ Hakomi experts from around the world who are creating powerful shifts in the fields of healing, transformation and personal growth. For more information, please visit These recordings are a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

Hakomi & The Essential Self

Jon Eisman: Founding Member of the Hakomi Institute, Sr. Hakomi Trainer, Director of Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches

All therapy processes, whatever their descriptions, are seeking to enhance a person’s state of “Selfhood.” Listen in as internationally acclaimed Hakomi expert, Jon Eisman, shares the keys to creating selfhood. During this meaningful session, you’ll discover:

  • Choices and actions that determine by the quality of “selfhood” that we embody
  • Ways to cultivate an innate, resourced sense of “Self”
  • Utilizing mindfulness & a somatic focus to deepen our return to internal wholeness

The Mindful Tracker

Jaci Hull: LMFT, Certified Hakomi Trainer, Certified Relational Life Couples Therapist

Hakomi workshop leader, teacher, trainer and therapist, Jaci Hull dives deep into a conversation on tracking cues from the unconscious and experiencing multiple levels of being through the Hakomi method. During this pivotal practitioner session, you’ll discover:

  • Techniques for tracking your client’s experience and orientation to their story
  • Practices for receiving and nurturing both verbal and nonverbal communication
  • How to cultivate the most kind, loving and mindful environment for your clients

The Art of Connecting

Lorena Monda, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM)
International author, trainer, therapist and doctor, Lorena Monda brings her expertise to teaching the art and skill of contact — a foundational skill of Hakomi which brings the unconscious into present time. In this revelatory session, you’ll discover:

  • Key practices and statements for the technique of contact
  • Methods for a deeper level of reflective listening, bringing awareness to the unconscious
  • How to create a collaborative connection with your clients and others.

Accessing and Opening the Door to the Unconscious

by Dominique Lande & Susan San Tara

The Mindful Therapist

John Perrin, Certified Trainer, Hakomi Institute

Australian Hakomi trainer and therapist John Perrin, explores what it means to be a mindful psychotherapist, deeply immersed in the present experience of both the therapist and the client. During this rich session, you’ll discover:

  • Mindfulness as a path to greater self awareness and well-being
  • How to integrate mindfulness into your practice, experiencing unattached presence in each moment
  • Techniques for cultivating mindful consciousness with loving presence

Architectural Blueprints: How We Organize Our Beliefs in the Body-Mind

Gal Szekely, Marriage Counselor and Founder of The Couples Center
Uncover underlying core patterns that are shaping the way you experience your life, family, work and more, with relationship and communications expert Gal Szekely. During this eye-opening session, you’ll discover:

  • How to identify core patterns that are causing challenges in your life
  • Key practices for exploring their origins and how to heal them
  • Mindfulness and a deep body connection as vital tools for this process

Architectural Blueprints: How We Organize Our Beliefs in the Body-Mind

by Gal Szekely

Working in the Present Moment

David Fish, M.S,, MFT

David Fish, veteran Hakomi teacher and therapist, shares the keys to accessing awareness in the present moment to gain powerful insights into your client’s process and experiences. During this illuminating session, you’ll discover:

  • How to move from talking “about” a belief, to experiencing & shifting it in the present moment
  • Symbolic representations of events as concepts or words versus direct experience
  • Techniques for fostering the emergence and integration of creative urges and possibilities

Connected in Love

Julie Murphy, M.A., L.M.F.T., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT 83806), Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor and Certified Hakomi Therapist
Listen in as Julie Murphy, veteran Hakomi trainer and esteemed teacher, shares cutting-edge research and key practices for supporting connection, consciousness and calmness toward heart healing. During this loving session, you’ll discover:

  • Practices for understanding and healing attachment wounds
  • How to cultivate a felt sense of well-being through mindfulness and attunement
  • Ways to reestablish emotional & neurobiological networks through a safe & empathic therapeutic relationship

Accessing and Opening the Door to the Unconscious

Dominique Lando Hakomi Teacher, Psychotherapist, Co-Founder of Anam Cara Therapy Center, Adjunct Faculty at CIIS and JFK University & Susan San Tara, Co-Founder Anam Cara Therapy Center, Psychotherapist, Certified Hakomi Teacher, Scent Priestess

Open the door to your unconscious in this unique session with experts Dominique Lando & Susan San Tara and learn techniques, including “accessing,” for facilitating true transformation. During this in-depth session, you’ll discover:

  • How to access memories, feelings and experiences that are right on the periphery of your client’s consciousness
  • Practices for uncovering and releasing limiting core beliefs that are influencing your experiences
  • Ways to increase mindfulness, bringing wisdom from within into conscious awareness

Hakomi-Wired: How Neuroscience Informs the Hakomi Method

Shai Lavie, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Hakomi Therapist and Teacher, Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Learn from today’s top neuropsychologists and their cutting-edge research that supports the healing power of Hakomi, with trainer, therapist, and mindful meditation expert Shai Lavie. During this fascinating session, you’ll discover:

  • Highlights from the latest findings in neurobiology and correlations to mindfulness
  • How body-based mindful therapy can be used to interrupt the loop of habitual responses
  • Exercises for embodied presence leading to better choice-making and decisions that improve your life

Hakomi-Wired: How Neuroscience Informs the Hakomi Method

by Shai Lavie

Resistance is NOT a Problem

Dr Karen Baikie, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Certified Hakomi Therapist and Teacher

Turn resistance into a gateway to vitality and freedom with Australian Hakomi teacher, trainer and therapist Karen Baikie. Learn ways to facilitate lasting change through embracing the blocks and barriers we experience in life. During this liberating session, you’ll discover:

  • Techniques for using resistance as a source of guidance and deep insight
  • Practices for meeting barriers with mindfulness and curiosity to deepen into your experience
  • How to access the wisdom of our unconscious and anchor into a new belief system

Mindfulness and Sexuality

Maci Daye, Certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer; Sex Therapist; Creator of Passion and Presence®
Explore the role of sexuality and mindfulness with Hakomi expert and licensed sex therapist, Maci Daye. Maci shows how human sexuality plays a critical role in psychotherapy. During this compelling session, you’ll discover:

  • How mindful sexuality can bring about healing and growth
  • Hidden factors that can complicate sex in committed relationships
  • Ways couples can deepen their connections through consciousness and presence

Loving Presence

Donna Martin, Hakomi Trainer, Creator Psoma Yoga Therapy

Hakomi pioneer, practitioner and trainer, Donna Martin discusses the power of “loving presence,” a state of mind that transcends the therapeutic context and integrates the key Hakomi principles of unity, embodied mindfulness, loving kindness and radical presence. In this powerful session, you’ll discover:

  • Ways to stay present with deep suffering and an experience of ease
  • Practices for moving through life with inspired hope, gratitude, and trust
  • How to radiate loving presence to clients, rekindling their connection to themselves and others

Safe Touch

Morgan Holford, Certified Hakomi Trainer and Therapist, Founder of Hakomi for Bodyworkers, Licensed Professional Counselor
Both a body worker and therapist, Morgan Holford brings a vital orientation to the Hakomi method, deeply integrating the mind, body and spirit into healing core material. In this passionate session, you’ll discover:

  • Essential benefits of incorporating touch
  • How to evaluate and assure that touch is safe
  • The power of repair when touch triggers a client

Attachment Wounds

Donna Roy, Licensed Professional Counselor, Hakomi Therapist and Trainer, Clinical Director

Hakomi trainer and co-founder of M.E.T.A. Donna Roy, introduces the theory, science and role of the therapeutic relationship in Hakomi. During this fascinating session, you’ll discover:

  • Ways to create a more loving, caring environment for nurturing secure attachment in clients
  • The latest interpersonal neurobiology research & the critical role of the therapeutic relationship
  • Specific techniques for supporting a positive change process

The Use of the Body in Psychotherapy

Halko Weiss, Clinical Psychologist, Co-founder of Hakomi Institutes in Colorado, USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Author, Teacher
As an integral contributor from Hakomi’s conception, Halko Weiss expands upon the depth of the Hakomi method and how it pioneered the use of mindfulness as the key to psychodynamic therapy, altering the entire practices and perspectives of therapy. In this enlightening session, you’ll discover:

  • Exactly how emotional memory and the body are connected
  • Ways to integrate mindfulness into the heart of psychotherapy
  • How Hakomi supports emotional release through somatics