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So many people get stuck asking, “Why can’t I move on from extreme stress or trauma?”, when the real question is, “How can I use my body’s innate wisdom to heal and transform?”

As one of the world experts on trauma and somatic therapy and the pioneer of the popular “Dharma of Trauma” training, I believe that trauma can be a gateway towards healing and deeper states of consciousness. The intersection of mindfulness awareness, understanding trauma symptoms and applying effective technique and embodied practices are needed .We know that trauma is stored in the body as sensorial memory. We need to learn to apply individual healing by also understanding how it relates to our collective imprint of family, society and our environments.

As a guest on podcasts, conferences, keynotes, presentations, I bring a unique perspective that combines neuroscience, somatic, intuition, and wisdom gleaned from 25 years of working with clients suffering from extreme stress and trauma. My work has brought me to Australia, Germany, New Zealand, China, Japan, Tanzania, and Columbia to work with first responders, victims of torture, mental health professionals, Silicon Valley executives, women business leaders, entrepreneurs, psychotherapists, medical professionals and more.

My talks range from creating a healthy work culture -to what we can do as individuals to create a more coherent and healthy nervous system. How to understand our personal stories of stress and trauma through the large-scale societal issues of social injustice and systemic oppression of our time. By suggesting concrete mindfulness practices we begin to develop innate capacities for healing and change. Listeners are invited to discard a limited mindset that stress and trauma are insurmountable problems and begin to adopt a growth mindset where adversity can become the actual pathway to altruism and positive collective change.

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