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Somatic Practices for Healing Trauma: a Live Online Workshop with Manuela Mischke-Reeds

March 13-14, 2021
10:00am-5:00pm PDT
Online Zoom Event via CIIS (California Institute of Integrated Studies)
$200-$300 Public
$160-$240 Members
Facebook event

Mar 13-14, 2021

10:00am-5:00pm PDT

Online Zoom Event via CIIS (California Institute of Integrated Studies)

$200-$300 Public  
$160-$240 Members
Facebook Event

The body has memories of trauma that can only be understood through the language of the Soma, or the body itself. Somatic Psychotherapy provides a powerful and direct path into the body’s wisdom and our innate capacities for healing.

Trauma activates the body’s nervous system and creates dysregulated emotional states as well as body symptoms that can be debilitating. The trauma activations that are experienced can range from subtle self-aggression to self-harm, and from emotional withdrawal or avoidance to self-sabotage. Through body-oriented mindfulness practices, we can learn how to regulate trauma-activated inner states. This experiential workshop guides participants through various somatic interventions in order to learn how to safely resource and metabolize traumatic experiences.

Join Somatic Psychotherapist and co-director of the Hakomi Institute Manuela Mischke-Reeds for an exploration of the body’s wisdom and the somatic practices for healing trauma. Manuela shares gentle movement, breathing, and sensing exercises that are grounded in trauma sensitive knowledge. Manuela illuminates how the body and nervous system can be changed by trauma, how unhealed trauma continues to inflict harm on the self and others, and how trauma is an illness of the heart, mind, and body.

Trauma is not just an individual story. It is deeply interwoven into the history of our families, our communities, and the broader intergenerational collective. Manuela integrates Dharmic viewpoints into ways of perceiving trauma as interconnected—not separate from our collective wisdom.

This workshop offers a mix of lecture, demonstration, and experiential learning through personal explorations and in small group exercises. Manuela integrates her work as a therapist and teacher, drawing from Hakomi techniques, Somatic Experiencing, Continuum Movement, Dharmic embodied meditation practices, and mindfulness awareness.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in healing trauma for themselves or others.

This event will be hosted live online. Instructions on how to join will be included in your event confirmation email. If you need additional assistance finding or joining the event, please email . 

Stillness in Motion: A Day of Mindfulness, Somatic Movement and Writing Practice

November 21, 2020
8:00am-4:30pm PDT
Online Zoom Event
Cost: $150/$120/$90

Sat, November 21, 2020

8:00am-4:30pm PDT

Online Zoom Event

Cost: $150/$120/$90

This mindfulness daylong led by Manuela Mischke-Reeds is an opportunity to get quiet and draw deeply inside to discover hidden reservoirs of your soma. In these times of unpredictable change, we can cultivate places within us that are both solid and fluid. We live in times of ongoing stress and trauma with little time to settle our nervous system. Let’s come together to practice Stillness in Motion and do take time out from the stressors of our lives.

Join us in an in-depth practice day with mindfulness meditation, somatic movement explorations and writing inquiry. This daylong mindfulness day is an opportunity to get quiet and draw deeply inside to discover hidden reservoirs of your soma. In these times of unpredictable change, we can cultivate places within us that are both solid and fluid. We live in times of ongoing stress and trauma with little time to settle our nervous system. 

This daylong workshop is an opportunity to slow down and practice embodied mindfulness and being in community. We will have periods of movement, writing, sitting in silence, being in nature and short discussions.

What does it mean to root deeply into our bodies? How can we find stillness in this emotionally overwhelming world? How can we find ground and deepen our roots when everything we know is upended and moving fast? Can we return to listening deeply to what is unfolding within us? This is a retreat day for your body and mind to awaken your creativity and connection with yourself.

This workshop is for beginners and advanced meditators alike and anyone who wants to learn about the path of inquiring through the mindful body into deeper wisdom of yourself. Bring an open curious mind and the commitment to experience yourself through movement, writing and meditation. 


Session 1 (8-9am): Somatic Movement Practice & Meditation

Tea Break 

Session 2:  (10-12pm) Mindfulness Meditation and Writing Practice 

Lunch Break 

Session 3: (1-2pm) Nature Movement and Writing Practice (in Silence)

Tea Break 

Session 4: (2.30-4.30pm) Mindfulness Meditation and Writing Practice and Somatic Movement 

The daylong will include:

  • Guided mindfulness practices to settle and soothe and prepare to listen to your inner experience. These are accessible to all bodies
  • Mindful movement exploration to deepen the connection with your wisdom body
  • Writing prompts that will inspire writing from your present moment experience
  • Optional sharing of your writing with support and deep listening
  • Short talks on how to deepen your mindfulness practice for the day

What to expect and prepare: 

Please plan on committing to all three sessions. The retreat will be most beneficial if you plan this as a whole day in silence and retreat mode. Clear the schedule and commit yourself to this day in mindfulness to restore your mind and body.

Set up your space with a meditation cushion, a blanket and pillows, writing on a computer or journal. In the breaks and throughlunch, we will be in silence to maximize the retreat spirit. Wear comfortable clothes for the movement practices. 

During the writing periods you will be guided into a prompt and we will write together in silence. This is an extended mindfulness period. The schedule will alternate between sitting, moving and writing.

Custom Trainings

Stress and trauma is at an all-time high due to environmental disasters, racial inequity, and global pandemic fall-out. The instability and uncertainty that each person experiences has an impact on the work culture and society. Unfortunately, many of our go-to modalities for dealing with these complex issues lack a trauma-informed lens. Even our mental health practitioners, first responders and leaders in all areas are now confronted with an unprecedented level of secondary/vicarious trauma.

Our New Challenge is Navigating Collective Trauma

It’s not enough for our therapists to simply resource; we need an entirely new model. The new vision of the therapeutic relationship is more collaborative and inclusive. This model tailors to the individual challenges within the collective mindset. There is no separation between the person’s experience and the system they are embedded in. We live in a truly interconnected world and need model of healing that reflects that.

Similarly, it’s not enough for our organizations to ignore personal or collective trauma such as team member challenges, stress, and layoffs. When a group has such disconnects, it loses its sense of belonging and purpose, resulting in lost productivity and potential.

Initiating sustainable change needs to include the whole person and how the body and mind responds to stress and trauma. There are proven therapeutic techniques that align the mind and body for a truly effective way forward.

As a master clinician and teacher with decades of experience designing some of the most sought-after trauma-somatic training in countries all over the world, my courses have helped over 20,000 practitioners and teams learn how to move from trauma and extreme stress back to their natural state: mindful, connected, content.

My trainings have been attended by various health care professionals ranging from psychotherapeutic to medical to any kind of first responders, as well as people who want genuine change. Contact me today to learn about my existing trauma-somatics-mindfulness programs or how we can create a custom program for your organization.

“STARTTS would like to sincerely thank somatic psychotherapist, Manuela Mischke-Reeds, for delivering an outstanding 2-day clinical workshop: ‘Trauma Sensitive and Somatically Savvy Clinical Tools,’ and for her skillful, inspiring, enriching and practical workshop. Close to 160 people attended the workshop, 63 STARTTS staff and 94 external Clinicians—the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

-Nooria Mehraby

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